July 4th, LNS China held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Phase II expansion in the Wujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone in Suzhou. Fredrik Bergegard, EVP, Head of Business Area, Industry and Chairman of the LNS Board of Directors; Mikael Neglén, EVP, Head of Storskogen DACH; Patrik Klerck, the Investments Director Automation; Gilbert Lile, CEO of LNS Group; Ryan Chong, CEO of LNS Asia; Nigel Duckmanton, COO of LNS BUAS & BUJP; Wenbin Li (李文斌), the Deputy Secretary of the Wujiang Development Zone and Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee. Shaofeng Ran, Yungen Zhu, and Jianxing Shen(汝少峰、朱雲根、沈建興), the members of the Party Working Committee and the Administrative Committee of Wujiang Development; Yonghong Xu, the Director of the District Commerce Bureau, along with several other officials and representatives attended the ceremony.

LNS China was established and started operations in January 2007 in the Wujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone in Suzhou. With the continuous growth of the company’s operations and the increasing demand in the market, the management team of Storskogen has decided to expand its investment in China, with a focus on climate and environmentally friendly approaches, moving forward with the concept of sustainable business operations. The Phase II expansion project is planned to add approximately 9,000 square meters of total construction area, which will increase the capacity to produce 8,000 units of Automatic bar feeders, 1,000 units of oil mist collectors, and 4,800 units of chip conveyors annually, to meet market demands.